Club Matador has a cinema room

The Club's film collection, headed by Giorgio Centi, focuses on film noir, constituting a coherent ensemble with the book and music collections. Our film archive houses a collection of more than 1,000 masterpieces ranging from silent classics to modern day releases. Weekly, our members can enjoy a film programme. Provided that no screenings or film sessions are scheduled and upon reservation, the cinema room is at the disposal of the members who can also bring their own films.


The Club houses a sound archive dedicated to

Headed by Ramón González, the sound archive comprises the 300 greatest albums in the history of Jazz. The Club devotes a space to enjoy music, thus offering an attractive and exclusive experience. Musical series are organised, members propose authors and works. It is intended to expand the library, sound and film holdings through the acquisition of exceptional pieces. The Club also organises concerts and DJ sessions for its members. 


The library is a major strand of Club Matador  

Initiated by Eduardo Arroyo, it is currently Antonio Muñoz Molina who holds the position of librarian for life of the Club and is responsible for its quality and consistency. Club Matador intends to build over the next years a reference library focused on the world of the noir fiction, with forays into related topics such as bullfighting or boxing, which are part of the same atmosphere. The Club also has other collections of outstanding and reference literary works: Biblioteca Castro, the Obra Fundamental Collection, El Ruedo, La Farsa or the collection "El traje de tus versos", edited by Galería Estampa.


The Club has a selection of specialised magazines and general newspapers available to its members 

Andrés Rodríguez, the "Kiosk Manager" of the Club, has selected the best international headers, which can be read on paper daily at the headquarters of the Club: Vogue, Vanity Fair, L'Officiel, Robb Report, Esquire, Forbes, The World of Interiors, Man on the Moon, Wallpaper, Monocle, Tapas, Cambio 16, The Economist, Time, Jot Down and The New Yorker. Once a week, the Kiosk Manager specially selects a magazine for our members.

Minotauro, the newspaper devoted tu bulls and bullfighters edited by Peña Antoñete

 Minotauro is edited three times a year: The first in May, during San Isidro Festival; in September, coinciding with the festivals and the end of the season in Spain; and in January, which coincides with the Latin American season.


Conversations at the Club

Conversations and open dialogues are the hallmarks of these meetings at Club Matador that seek to look at the biographical and creative profile of prominent people from our culture and society.


The different categories of conversations include:

 Conversations with artists by Enrique del Río


Conversations with musicians by Jesús Ruiz Mantilla

 Conversations focusing on Films by Luis Martínez

  • Conversaciones con artistas,
    dirigidas por Enrique del Rio

  • Conversaciones de cine,
    dirigidas por Luis Martínez
  • Conversaciones escénicas,
    dirigidas por Arantxa Vela
  • Conversaciones gastronómicas,
    dirigidas por Juan Manuel Bellver

Legal talk

Conducted by Jesús Casas and Román Gil, this talk is intended to bring together lawyers from different specialties, to take distance, enrich perspectives and to let off steam in companionship, where “legal” is the common denominator.

Spain Forum

Led by Fernando Baldellou, this forum focuses on discussing the main lines of development for our country, reflecting on the future, on prospects in the medium term, and also on the opportunities and the great challenges that we should address as a society.


Led by Silvia Baschwitz, this
forum addresses digital transformation and the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on all sectors of society. 

Medical and Humanism Forum

Led by Javier Sanz, this forum addresses the relationship between different areas of society with the art and science of curing to meet the upcoming challenges of the 21st century.


Led by Nacho Gil, this forum is focused on design in all its dimensions, ranging from editorial to architectural, digital, innovation, technology, and on the fields of economy, science, or culture.