The Club

The Club was founded in 2013 following the spirit of Matador magazine and it serves as a meeting place where professionals of all ages, origins, academic and cultural fields enjoy a unique space. It is based on a highly personal concept, where members have at their disposal the perfect place to gather in a private, friendly and exquisite environment. This is a place to bring together people under the pillars of culture and ideas and with a carefully selected gastronomic offer.


Club Matador is a project conceived and driven by its members, people with similar intellectual and artistic interests and eager to be part of a unique and different project. Membership is the lifeblood of the Club. They come from diverse backgrounds and share common concerns and interests, thus bringing cultural and social diversity to the project.

Rules and benefits


Membership provides acces to the facilities and to the cultural and gastronomic activities organised by the Club


The Club is part of an extensive network of reciprocal clubs around the world.


Passes for the most important art fairs, both at national and international level.


Discounts and invitations to concerts.

Apply for membership

According to the articles of association of the Club, any new member shall be proposed by a founding member, or at least by two general members. Proposals shall be approved by the Membership Committee, which is the sole committee acting entirely independently from the Board of Directors and the President of the Club.    Applications may be freely accepted or rejected by this Committee. If the application is accepted, members shall be notified. Any rejected application may not be re-submitted again to admission within three years.

The philosophy of the Club is based on exclusivity and discretion, but at the same time, the incorporation of members from different fields, who share the interests and concerns of the Club and who may bring cultural and social diversity to the project will be welcome with great enthusiasm. After all, members are the lifeblood of the Club. Thus, a wider membership base will make our Club stronger and more interesting.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please download the application form here, call +34 91 060 98 83 or email us at

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